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The author introduces Du Hui and is now working in the car home system platform team, which is mainly responsible for web infrastructure and operation and maintenance, and has rich experience in the construction of operational and maintenance processes, the architecture design and implementation of automated operation and maintenance.
Team Introduction
The car home operation and maintenance team is the core team of the automotive home technology department, which is composed of OP and dev. Our goal is to build a high performance, high scalability, low cost, stable and reliable website infrastructure platform for the auto home group.
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What is CMDB?
In short, it is a platform for unified management of IT data, equipment status, assets and other information for Internet companies or companies. There is a certain difference between CMDB and the real asset system, which itself contains not only the asset system, but also all service support and service delivery processes. It provides the data basis for the operation of the entire ITIL process and the value of configuration information. So a successful CMDB system is great for an enterprise.
Design purpose
What is the CMDB of the car home? What problems does it use to solve? After several unsuccessful development of CMDB and CMDB, we emptied our brain, thought painful, and carefully thought about the problems encountered in the work, summed up the following points:
With the expansion of the company’s operation scale, the number of equipment used is very large, there are many kinds of machines, the cost of auditing is multiplied, the statistics are difficult, the time consuming and the cost are consumed, so a unified platform is urgently needed to manage and collect.
With the development of the operation and maintenance automation of the company, the distribution system, the distribution system, the monitoring system, the work order system, the equipment utilization system and so on are isolated and inconsistent, and all the problems should be maintained separately. It is urgent to integrate all data and open up a bottom data platform to facilitate future expansion and maintenance.
For a variety of reasons, some work is caused by the original operation, the management is unordered, the amount of duplication is huge but the output value is not obvious. It is necessary to customize a system suitable for themselves and convenient to use to reduce the workload and improve the efficiency and output value.
As mentioned above, the purpose is to come out: a high concentration of data, a substitute for a table, a reduction in duplication of work, and an asset allocation management system for the operations and maintenance personnel.
The direction of the design, the core idea and the function
Direction: high accuracy, high availability, highly automated.
Accuracy is the basis of all data, the premise of all purposes, and all the data given by CMDB must be accurate and effective.
Availability is the fundamental, and then strong, no one is not to use, to understand the data consumption scene, to understand the user’s use of the focus and habits, to accept the user feedback and continuous optimization is no stop.
Automation ensures the high efficiency of time and manpower, and is the key to CMDB’s success from cost and revenue.
So how does CMDB make sure that the direction is correct? What is the key to solving all the problems?
Core idea: process control
The essence of the process is to solve a series of problems brought about by the change. The change is managed by an automated and repeatable process, so that there is an accurate process to execute when the change occurs. It also predicts the impact of this change on the whole system and evaluates and controls the impact. It’s the key to CMDB to solve all the problems.
When the direction and core are solved, our CMDB function design is clear.
Integration function: merging existing multiple data sources into a single view to generate a unified and complete data report.
Self mediation function: ensure that multiple data sources recorded in CMDB are not duplicated, and maintain data integrity in all fields in CMDB.
Synchronous cascade: information in CMDB can reflect updates and coordinate and coordinate data in all subsystems.
Permission classification: there are various situations, and the allocation function of personnel additions and deletions to check authority under various conditions.
Visualization function: reduce the threshold of information understanding, and intuitively understand the effects of data changes.
Platform display
1. asset management platform
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 1 above is shown in Figure 2. There are 35 fields on the side of the car house, which mainly satisfy daily enquiries, statistics of various kinds of data, audit records and so on.
On the degree of granularity in each field of CMDB:
The particle size is directly proportional to the company’s overall capability and manpower.
Management requirements determine the size of these granularity. Large and full data coverage should consider maintenance cost.
The output of data value is not directly proportional to the thickness of granularity, but the ability to expand at any time is guaranteed.
All fields, regardless of granularity, must be found in the process.
2. process control and control platform
The process control of the car’s home process mainly includes 4 aspects: initialization data (entry), data change (state machine), data value (report system), data audit (work single query).
Want to design a “All weather & Flawless” control process to ensure the accuracy of all data, to first understand the life cycle of the device and the link between the CMDB, such as:
According to the life cycle contact diagram of the device, we define the state machine to reflect a series of changes caused by the change of data. Figure:
By changing the state, we prescribe some necessary fields to ensure the accuracy of the data.
And through this change, we can get some information we need:
Of course, the single automation process is the first step. As the bottom data platform of the entire operation and maintenance automation, CMDB will play a connection guidance to the whole process, realize multi process collaboration, complete the end to end, and lay the foundation for the operation and maintenance automation system. The following diagram is shown as follows:
3. other functional platforms
Ip pool management: a unified induction of IP resources, in view of the current status of IP, we define three use states, and in the background for the full network IP situation to do a unified verification program, combined with three states, the rational distribution and use of IP resources, schematic:
Computer room view: in view of the data in the list of assets, it is intuitively reflected in the function of the machine room view, and provides the functions of using the cabinet, the query of the machine position, and the bright display of the machine under the specific search conditions. Figure:
There are also some customized functions, permissions, specific fields for our own business.
The CMDB of car home has been on the road for 2 years. The road to success is full of thorns and frustrations, and so is the construction of CMDB. Over the past two years, we have seen a lot of information and made many attempts, some of which have been successful and some have failed. Here are some common lessons for you.
The lesson:
At the beginning of the project, there was no real person in charge of the project, and communication between development and demand was not enough.
The initial goal is too large, covering too many functions, resulting in the project’s primary and secondary indistinct and long construction period.
The goals of Yun Wei and Yun Wei are inconsistent, and the steps of discussion, testing, acceptance, and later optimization are not perfect or Yun Wei is not involved.
The core process problem is not seized or considered inconsiderate.
No collection of feedback or collection of feedback was followed.
Compromise, the famous linear curve problem.
The leadership’s commitment to time, manpower, and resources.
Wielding all the power assigned to check data, all kinds of historical problems and difficult points must be solved.
CMDB is just a system, and configuration management is a process, CMDB is of course important, but it is more important to maintain its process, so to design a good CMDB, we must design a set of processes suitable for your own company at the point of view of the overall situation.
The establishment of standardization, platform, can not be separated from the CMDB.
In the aspect of high availability, we must strive for excellence and “find and use” to make CMDB continue.

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